Take back your Work Life Balance

The office location itself can be one of a company's largest expense. The square footage, the power bill, buying desks, coffee, and everything else that goes into owning your own office space.What if there was a way to decrease or eliminate this expense all together, all while increasing productivity, boosting moral, and increasing brand loyalty?


21st century workplaces are not workplaces at all.

Who says working from a traditional office space is the most productive environment in today's world? The truth is, IT'S NOT.

Traditional office spaces are routinely crowded, noisy, expensive, and distracting. Employees are taking longer lunch breaks, encouraged to 'walk around`` every 15 minutes to increase health benefits, and have now even been given standing desks to help get comfortable.

These measures all increase business expenses, yet employees are still left unhappy. Cut the expensive trends at work, and give the employees what they really want.



Open the door to cloud solutions and remote work and watch production increase.

It's now fact that remote workers are more productive than office workers, working longer hours and collaborating and helping their fellow co-workers more. How is this possible? It's simple math.Think about what time you wake up in the morning. Now what time do you actually get to the office? Do you then get your coffee, check email and then do a rounds and wait to hear who's commute caused them to be late to work?What if everyones commute turned into production, and everyone's wake up time was their clock in time. Employees would be happy to work long hours, as the comforts of their own home, beach, pool, and life are around them while they're being productive.The Best part? Cloud solutions tracks what employees are working on through analytics and production. You can tell exactly what everyone is doing, time away from the computer, and accomplishments. This maintains accountability and eliminates micromanagement.

Clouds you can trust

Businesses of all sizes have placed their trust in the Cloud, including the Federal Government. Join them. Take advantage of the cloud security, privacy, transparency, all while giving your team the ability to have work life balance.

  • Increase recruiting and maintain company loyalty by retaining employees longer.
  • Keep track of what employees are working on, progress being made, and deliverables through metrics and analytics - eliminating the need for micromanagement.
  • Bring the benefits of the Public sector to the Private sector, all while cutting business expenses.
  • Business production is up 16% across the country in companies who minimized their office space, and allowed workers the freedoms of remote work