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Department of Defense — Integrated Support for the Displaced Warfighter

Intelligent Solutions for a modern Government & Warfighter.

Our team has assisted the nation’s military and Department of Defense for over a decade. CPTL has assisted in the implementation of remote and displaced warfighter support, utilizing Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We have assisted in logistics support, collaboration and communication, process automation, as well as the development of mission critical applications through GCC High and GCC Moderate environments.

Use Cases

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CPTL assisted NAVSEA with the implementation and governance of internal processes and procedures, communication and collaboration, as well as mission critical audit and logistic applications. Our team supported NAVSEA’s mission of Warfighting Capability and Enterprise Readiness through the tracking and organization of logistical support.

Additionally our team implemented technologies and processes that assisted in the transition and establishment of elevated displaced workers and warfighters.

ARMY - California Army National Guard

Within the California Army National Guard (CAARNG), our team lead the transition and development of Mission Critical internal applications to a modern GCC High environment. The process took an agile approach to rapidly developing over 200 applications and workflows within the Microsoft Power Platform and transitioning them to a modernized cloud platform. 

Our team saw minimal to no downtime for users and completed the transition in under a year, meeting the necessary server  life cycle management restrictions. 

SIGAR - Department of Defense

Our team supported the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction in multiple projects for the Inspector General. 

Applications included the transition and development of modernized cloud GCC and GovCon environments, as well as the modernization of web applications using Azure and AWS web services. 

The mission was to increase the support and public communication and reporting of actions and reports taken by members of SIGAR and effectively relay this information to members of the press, public and external agencies.

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