Delivering Efficiency so you can complete your mission with precision. 


Born in the Cloud. Built in America.

The tech industry today is riddled with organizations who claim to be experts in areas they don’t understand, out sourcing your data and information to other countries, putting your organization at risk and eliminating American Developer jobs.

While Capitol Presence develops remote cloud business solutions, our team is 100% United States based. We strive to help organizations and agencies of all sizes who are looking for dedicated United States based work forces, who are Federally cleared to work on the most private and secure of networks. We service both the private and public sectors and have produced award-winning results.

Our founders are ex-Federal Employees who ranged in experience and oversaw areas of Quality Management Systems, Policy and Legal departments, as well as Microsoft SharePoint development and Organizational training. We understand development because we are developers. We understand Governance and Standards because we have implemented and over seen these standards at the highest of levels. 

We are here for you and your organization, and are proudly built in America – and that will never change.


Founded by former Federal Employees, we know the ins and outs of the Federal Government. We’ve supported Federal, State, and Local Governments through Agile Development, Project Management, and operations within Veteran Affairs, US Courts, Department of Defense, and Health and Human Services.


We’ve delivered top-of-the-line, secure and compliant solutions for some of the world’s largest companies as well as some of the countries top start-ups. We work with industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies to deliver innovative solutions that drive your business.

Trusted by Global Leaders

Your Trusted Presence in the Nation's Capitol, never outsourced Overseas.

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Build a Smarter, More Human, Business.

Capitol Presence is a Hybrid-Remote Business Solutions and implementation company based out of Northern Virginia. We are experts in building Robotic Process Automation, that puts the Human in control. Our systems are built by Americans, for Americans and American Companies.

We help organizations and agencies create quicker processes, free up time and save/reallocate funding and take control of their data.

 We offer a quick free consultation of about 15 min that we guarantee our certified Microsoft and Azure experts will leave you with the knowledge to put hours back into your day.