Delivering Efficiency so you can complete your mission with precision. 


We Deliver Efficiency, because we understand your headaches.

Helping You Conquer Challenges and Claim Victories so you can put hours back in your day and work wherever.

Inefficiencies cost you time, money, and in some instances - american lives.

we understand this, and have dedicated our company to support you.

Inefficiencies can take your business or organization from fast paced and agile to a grinding halt.

 Everyday within organizations of all sizes, decisions are still made without the review of data and information, at a clip and error rate of greater than 10%. 

Those errors create problems, which creates re-work, which creates delayed delivery to your clients and time – potentially revenue – lost. 

We’ve seen these problems up close and personal. Luckily, we’ve also seen the solutions. 

The automation and artificial intelligence (AI) we implement can increase productivity by up to 40%, and has seen as ROI as great as seven figures in return. 

We’re not like other companies, promising you a new software that likely won’t deliver on it’s sales deck. We’re an innovation partner, dedicated to future proofing your organization.

Department Of Defense

Capitol Presence supported various Navy, Army and Department of Defense agencies in achieving their mission by providing Microsoft Collaboration consultation and training through process mapping, requirements building, use case identification, general user training, best practices and support for various Department of Defense offices. Capitol Presence has audited and outlined current processes and how to apply best practices, implement collaborative solutions through Microsoft 365 and Azure and rolled out user training for use of current and existing environment. Our team supported and proposed future development to provide a DoD Future proof architecture.

Department of Transportation

Capitol Presence enhanced automation, modernized transportation administrative processes to help achieved better communication for federal and contractor employees as well as for the internal and field members. CPTL implemented processes and applications using Robotic Process Automation through existing Microsoft technologies – implementing systems through the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

Health Care and Veteran Care

We were founded by former Federal employees who worked in Health and Human Services within the Operations, QMS, and Technical divisions. We have developed and deployed services and solutions for the Defense Health Agency, Veteran Affairs, Health and Human Services, and multiple commercial health organizations. We have a long background in HIPAA compliant storage, Dynamics 365, Power App and Automation solutions that keep data in compliance, and bring powerful tools to healthcare workforce. 


Commercial Logistics Support

Our tailored approach empowers commercial logistics companies to leverage automation and Power Apps to unlock the true potential of their big data reporting and analytics. With automation, we have streamlined data collection, aggregation, and transformation processes, eliminating manual effort and minimizing errors. We assisted with the transition of time-consuming manual tasks to a more efficient and accurate data handling system.


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