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What to expect at AWS Public Sector Summit 2019

So you are thinking about attending AWS (Amazon Web Service) Public Sector Summit 2019, or maybe you have already registered, and don’t know what to expect about the cloud take over of Washington, DC.

Fear not! Our team has put together a list of the dos and the do nots, as well as what to be on the look out for and some of the tips and tricks surrounding AWS Public Sector Summit. (We have even published our own printable agenda so you don’t miss a minute of the action)

How much walking is involved?

This is probably the question we get and hear the most. While many of the people who are attending Public Sector Summit have never been to a summit before, or an AWS Summit before, often see the summits like these as a giant walk-around party with swag-grabs. Are there swag vendors? Of course, but they’re all kept in mostly one location. Is there a lot of walking? Only if you want to.

The Summit is spread out through the adjacent buildings of the Walter E. Washington Center in Washington, DC, however the building is connected by a catwalk and is very easy to navigate. There is tons of seating available (even though some of the seating might be a bean bag chair) and many , if not all, of the break out sessions have more then enough seating. For some of the more popular talks you might want to get there early, as a lot of the developer break-outs you may have to stand. If you are looking to get your steps up, there is certainly walking to be done, but if you would rather choose to plan to keep your steps low – this is an option as well.

How much does it cost?

FREE! Don’t worry about when registering about the bootcamp and additional options, overall attendance of the event is free. While we do often attend a bootcamp or two previous to the first day (If you are looking to get certified we highly recommend the prep course/bootcamps that AWS offers for certifications). It is important to note that food, drink, fun and information is all free at this event – unless you choose otherwise.

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Who is speaking?

This year the two keynote speakers are Teresa Carlson, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector and all around bad-ass. Teresa is awesome, and steals the show at AWS Public Sector summit. She has a twist of Southern Charm and Technical super heroine that will lead you to seek out her speaking during the conference. She spoke in a few breakout sessions last year as well that we’re well worth catching.

Also speaking (and I mean that with no disrespect) is Andy Jessy Founder and CEO at Amazon Web Services. If there is anyone who can clearly breakdown how AWS can help your organization it’s Andy. Andy has been a part of Amazon since 1997 and is a Harvard grad who has forgotten more about cloud computing then I have learned. He’s always a great speaker and the team of he and Teresa should be awesome.

Will there be food?

Yes. Food and drink is provided and they usually provide a Breakfast spread, a lunch for everyone, drinks throughout the day and on the last day a networking happy hour with adult beverages. Some do like to leave to grab food for lunch meetings as it can be difficult to find a table to eat, but the food is decent and they have plenty of drink options (including red bull and coffee to power through the three days).

What is the Agenda?

I’m glad you asked! We here at Capitol Presence put together a printable agenda of everything going on around AWS Public Sector Summit 2019 and made it available for download. Click here for your printable agenda!

Will there be swag?

I service a good 1/3 of my wardrobe from T-shirts at these Summits every year before my wife asks “does it spark joy” come the end of the year. So yes, there will be tons of swag. Pop-sockets, t-shirts, koozies, pens and really anything you can put a logo on will be there for the taking (paying the price of being added to a marketing email chain of course). Also, AWS Summit stickers are available for those of you who want to add a new one to your laptop.

What should I not do or stay away from?

That’s kinda a loaded question. I will say that as much as these things are fun, you have to know that this is very much a showcase event for AWS Partners (no we don’t have a booth, but you can meet us by booking our calendars here!) around the beltway and doing business with the Government. This means there will be a TON of men and women there to “bend your ear” to tell you about the newest solution or software they have to offer. While I wouldn’t say to stay away from them – because you know that’s not cool – I would say to know that not every woman there wants to talk to you and not every guy thinks you have great shoes, they’re sales and marketing members trying to get your email or sell you.

In Summary

To sum this all up, AWS Public Sector Summit is as much a fun marketing event as it is a showcase of new technology and Amazon Web Services advances and releases. Grab a redbull (or coffee or whatever you’re into), give your email away for a free t-shirt, attend a breakout session and learn about how AWS is putting robots on Mars. It’s all a really fun experience and one to ensure you go to with an innovative and open mind. Technology is available to power the Government to do amazing things, securely, you just have to be willing to take the first step towards change.

See you at the Summit in Washington, DC!

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