Office 365: Why A Law Firm Switched

A lawyer-slash-IT chief explains how his 14-person law firm is realizing good ROI after its move to Microsoft Office 365.

The Need

The Ask:

A strategy that enables the 14-person firm to stay lean and eliminate many lower-level roles common in larger firms. The firm doesn’t employ secretaries, has minimal paralegal resources and it automates as much of the administrative work involved in running a law firm as it can.

To use technology to keep overhead down and enable PVW to charge Omaha, Neb., rates to clients in, say, New York or San Francisco — or anywhere in the world, for that matter.



Our Solution

Rapid Innovation and the ability to create software solutions faster helped Hilton Worldwide employees do their job more efficiently.

The Solution:

The firm had been facing necessary upgrades to its computing resources that included a new server, new desktop licenses for Office 2010 — the firm had employees still using Office 2003 — and similar updates. Microsoft O365 was delivered in a cloud solution to cut costs and deploy rapidly.

“For us, [measuring TCO/ROI] was very real,” founding member Mark A. Williams said. “When we looked at [Office 365], there was a huge up-front, real-dollar savings. Obviously, you’re then paying a monthly fee to be able to use the functionality, but that monthly fee is substantially offset by reduced IT costs.

Founding member Mark A. Williams said in an interview.

“The reason why we left one of the larger firms here in Omaha was because we wanted to focus on technology,What we really mean by that is using technology to create efficiencies and expertise so that you can take a small group of lawyers and serve a very large clientele.”

The Difference

We provide solutions to address these challenges and more, helping to increase the number of hours that lawyers have available to spend on their client’s needs resulting in increased client referrals and revenue.

  • A secured enterprise-grade cloud-based platform. Office 365 is compliant with world-class industry standards, including ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA BAA, and FISMA.
  • Get work done from anywhere and anytimeYou can get to your applications and files from virtually anywhere—PC, Mac, tablets, and most mobile devices—and they're always up to date. Collaborate on matters with teammates, share documents with clients, and connect with other lawyers.
  • Store, access, and share documents securely from anywhereOneDrive for Business is your online briefcase. With 1 TB of cloud storage, you can store and access your matter documents at any time online or offline, and securely share them internally with your team or externally with clients. Reduce the amount of paper you need to carry and the time spent searching for the latest version of documents.