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Top Cloud Trends to Watch for 2021

Virtual Desktop

With the pandemic, a lot business has relied heavily on the cloud. Companies such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more are expected to grow going into 2021. There is no clear time table when people will start returning to offices. But the idea of remote and working on the cloud is more normal than ever.

1. Virtual Cloud Desktops

Virtual desktops allow you to access you work from almost anywhere. All the user needs is a screen and a desktop or laptop. After, they can connect via internet to access their virtual desktop. The cloud service handles keeping the files save and ensuring programs are running.

Virtual cloud users only pay on cloud space that is being used. This cuts costs associated with acquiring brand new equipment, updating the existing hardware, and the disposal of redundant computing hardware.

2. Serverless computing

A cloudless server is a technology that implements functions in the cloud on a necessary basis. Big corporations rely on serverless computing because it provides space to work on core products without the pressure to operate or manage servers.

3. Hybrid Cloud

Choosing between public, private, or hybrid cloud environments, has proved difficulty for some companies — each offers advantages and disadvantages when it comes to flexibility, performance, security, and compliance.

Hybrid cloud benefits include speed, control, and security. In terms of speed, it optimizes the network to lower the latency and speeds up the data so that it can reach where it needs to be. For control, companies can customize the end of their hybrid cloud model, optimize it, and adjust it according to their needs rather than trusting a third-party cloud provider.

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