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Yes, the Hybrid Workplace Can Work

Yes, the Hybrid Workplace Can Work There is a particular F-word that tends to pop up while navigating the challenges of hybrid work. It’s a familiar scenario. Half of a department sits awkwardly in a conference room while a brave teammate, muttering expletives, troubleshoots audio problems as the remote employees watch impotently from the video […]

How Remote Work Will Improve Lives And Destroy Cities

Remember when tech workers were ruining San Francisco by their very presence? The crisis peaked between 2014-2017 when the booming tech industry was blamed for driving up the cost of real estate. Tech companies drove high demand for office space and also rental housing. Now they’re being blamed for ruining San Francisco — by their […]

Over 300 Virginia state employees quit after Gov. Youngkin changes telework policy

Some state workers in Virginia have opted to leave rather than return to the office. More than 300 employees from five state agencies have resigned since Gov. Glenn Youngkin changed the state’s telework policy in May. According to records obtained by WRIC ABC in Richmond, most of the current exodus came from the Virginia Department […]

How Do You Add a Custom Background Setting in Microsoft Teams?

How to Create custom backgrounds in teams

Add personal custom images to your backgrounds in Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams has begun rolling out the Background Effects feature to certain customers of the software. It’s a slow roll-out, but it will reach everyone soon. The functionality lets users alternate the background picture in Video Chats on Teams similar to the famous ‘Virtual Background’ […]

Open Letter: COVID-19, the Death of “Business as Usual”

Concerned American, First, thank you to the front line workers, the nurses, the doctors, the first responders and all the others who have answered the call for help during this time. We thank you, and our prayers are with you during this time. With this COVID-19 pandemic happening, it is everyone’s first instinct to hunker […]

How to use Snapchat Filters in Microsoft Teams Meeting

Want to have a bit of ‘fun’ in your Microsoft Teams meetings? Do you want to use Snapchat filters so that you can add funny hats and different heads? If you are working in an education environment where kids need to appear on camera, it’s nice to have ways to make it fun for them. […]

Is Your Organization COVID-19 Prepared?

The Spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has all of our attention. While Capitol Presence has taken its own precautions to keep their employees safe. We’d also like to make sure every company can do the same. Steps to take to prepare your organization Have an emergency Telework Governance plan in place. Ensure documents of importance […]

The Nonprofit Guide to Cloud Data Migration

Some links in this blog post may be affiliate or “Pay Per Click (PPC)” links, meaning we make a small commission if you click them and buy anything. Learn more. When I worked as a technical specialist at Apple, no feature generated more questions and concerns than the cloud. For many, the cloud is a […]

How multi-cloud is forcing organisations to take a more sophisticated cloud approach

Organisations are taking a more sophisticated approach to cloud vendor selection and management with multi-cloud at the heart of this change, according to industry research firm Cloud Spectator. The company has released its latest price-performance analysis for public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers in North America, and found again that behemoths Amazon Web […]