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10 Reasons you Should be Using Agile

One of the biggest surprises of my career has been the slow adoption of agile development. I don’t understand why most development isn’t done using the Agile approach, because the benefits are compelling. In this post, I will review my definition of agile since there are so many variations of the methodology available. I will […]

What Makes Waterfall Software Development Model Fail in Many Ways?

Studies have shown that in over 80% of the investigated and failed software projects, the usage of the Waterfall methodology was one of the key factors of failure. But why? Phases in the Classical Waterfall Software Development Model As shown in the image, when deploying the waterfall methodology there is a strict sequential chain of […]

Agile Project Management: EPICS

By now you have likely heard all about Agile Methodology and how it can “help” your business or personal goals. That’s all great, but what exactly is Agile and how can it help, and more importantly – how do you start? Agile methodology is the use of what is called Perpetual Beta to continue growth throughout […]

4 Tips for Introducing Lightweight Agile to Business Teams

Teams that serve the business, such as Business Operations and Business Intelligence, are faced with a barrage of urgent requests and never-ending list of business-critical projects on a daily basis. How can teams control this chaos and ensure they work on the right things? Traditional project management can be cumbersome. Agile methodologies designed for product […]

Top 10 Reasons to Telework

Business owners and workers who are already using Telework Solutions know how these services can transform their levels of flexibility and productivity, helping to keep them on top of things in a transitioning business world. Yet others who haven’t experienced telework for themselves are understandably skeptical. In order to better understand the value of telework, […]

New Azure management and cost savings capabilities

Enterprise customers choose Azure because of the unique value it provides as a productive, hybrid, intelligent and trusted cloud. Today I’m excited to announce four new management and cost savings capabilities. Azure Policy, now in public preview, provides control and governance at scale for your Azure resources. Azure Cost Management is rolling out the support […]

Six things to keep in mind when shopping for a cloud backup solution

When you’re looking for a cloud backup solution for your business, you’re not just thinking about storing a few files in a remote location. You’re planning your disaster recovery strategy. You want a reliable tool that will store your business data and help you recover it when you need it. The thing is, your data […]