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AI and automation: Business leaders adopt small-scale solutions for greater impact

Business leaders recognize automation is changing the way companies operate. The hope is that automation — whether it’s in the form of robots, machine learning, or artificial intelligence (AI) — will make us all more productive in the not-so-distant future. However, getting to the point where automation enhances our working life is far from straightforward. Despite the […]

Graphic Designer with skills in Web Development

Quickly growing IT-startup seeks full-time web designer to join the creative digital team. This is a great work opportunity for someone who wants to take creative ownership of their work and leave their mark on online campaigns. We are looking for a detail-oriented designer with an enduring curiosity for their craft and can provide design […]

Top 10 benefits of IT outsourcing

If you’re an executive of a small or mid-size company, this information is for to you. Why? Because it can help you make better decisions regarding your business and it can also help you realize that IT outsourcing is the fresh air your company needs. In this day and age, there are just a handful […]