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AI Is Key To Successful Automation Efforts—Here’s What That Looks Like

As AI and automation converge, it’s not unlike the birth of the PC or the internet—a moment in history that will reshape our world irreversibly. Our future relies on strong economic growth. It is the only way we can support our infrastructure, healthcare and social safety net. Its advancement has traditionally been driven by two […]

Microsoft president supports call for new agency to regulate AI

Microsoft Corp. President Brad Smith believes establishing a new federal agency to oversee the development of artificial intelligence is the “most sensible” course. Smith backed calls to regulate the fast-developing technology in response to a question following a speech in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, echoing comments from OpenAI Chief Executive Sam Altman before a Senate […]

The “Three C’s” To Building A Strong Remote Work Team

A study by Global Workplace Analytics found that 77% of remote workers reported greater productivity than working in an office. This week, I spoke with Wayne Turmel and Kevin Eikenberry about what goes into fostering a healthy and productive team of remote workers. Turmel and Eikenberry recently published a book titled “The Long-Distance Team” that details this […]

AI Explained

AI basics Artificial intelligence (AI): Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer system to deal with ambiguity, by making predictions using previously gathered data, and learning from errors in those predictions in order to generate newer, more accurate predictions about how to behave in the future. Machine Learning (ML): Machine learning is the process of using […]

Introducing Copilot in Microsoft Viva—A new way to boost employee engagement and performance

Building on last month’s announcement of Microsoft 365 Copilot,1 we’re excited to announce Copilot in Microsoft Viva, along with the introduction of Microsoft Viva Glint, to help organizations create a more engaged and productive workforce. In today’s fast-paced business world, employee productivity is seen as key to driving performance—and that’s certainly true. But it’s important to remember that […]

Here’s How To Create A More Inclusive Remote Work Culture

The pandemic permanently shifted the way many people work, and remote work has remained the norm for numerous companies over the last three years. While remote work has its benefits, it can also lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection among remote workers. To combat this potential problem, companies must prioritize creating an inclusive remote […]

Microsoft Teams is Replacing Skype for Business: 5 Things to Know

At the Ignite conference in late September, Microsoft announced, “Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history,” serving 329,000 organizations across 44 languages and 87 of the Fortune 100 companies. Why are so many companies using Teams when Skype for Business Online has provided real-time unified communications for years? Why is Microsoft encouraging all commercial customers […]

Microsoft Teams: Basics & Business Benefits

By now we’ve all heard that Microsoft Teams has fully replaced Skype for Business Online, and even those still on Skype for Business on-premises should begin thinking about their migration to Teams – when, how quickly, and who? We’ve fully vetted and answered these questions in How to Manage Your Journey from Skype for Business to […]