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AI is Supercharging Collaboration Between Developers and Business Users

How can you keep things flowing and on-track when you’re developing complex artificial intelligence (AI) applications? With AI, of course. Today’s software developers are both avid users of AI-based tools as well as builders of AI systems. Seventy percent of 90,000 developers surveyed by Stack Overflow several months back are already using or plan to use AI […]

How Automation Drives Business Growth and Effciency

By Juan Perez, EVP and CIO of Salesforce The C-suite is feeling extra pressure to deliver results. Protracted inflation, supply chain disruptions, market volatility, and recession fears are driving business leaders to trim costs and boost efficiency. Meanwhile, the imperative to provide better customer and employee experiences has not gone away. As a result, every […]

Navigating The Future Of Work And Leadership By Embracing Change And Transformation

The future of work and leadership heralds an era of unprecedented, fast-paced changes and exponential opportunities. As we navigate through this transformative period, the impact of evolving technologies, shifting workforce demographics and the redefinition of traditional work environments is profoundly reshaping how we lead and operate. The infusion of digital innovations, the rise of remote […]

Six signs your business needs intelligent automation

Innovation is pushing the boundaries of what businesses can accomplish in terms of efficiency and operational excellence. From software powered by AI to low-code enterprise platforms, there are so many paths towards digital transformation that it can be hard to know what’s best for your organization. One thing, however, is for certain: if you aren’t ahead […]

AI And Automation: Fueling The Desire For Human Connection In The Digital Age

In my 13 years in the online marketing space, I’ve observed a fascinating paradox. As technology, particularly AI and automation, has advanced, there seems to be a growing desire for human contact and personal connection. This desire cuts through all the digital noise, revealing a fundamental human need that technology cannot fully satiate. Initially, like […]

How AI Can Drive Business Growth By Accelerating Process Automation

Seventy nine percent of business and IT leaders expect to see efficiency gains of at least 25% from the fusion of AI and process automation, according to a recent survey conducted by my company. That’s huge, especially in terms of what that means for enterprise growth and cost optimization. But what shape will these new gains in […]

AI and automation: Business leaders adopt small-scale solutions for greater impact

Business leaders recognize automation is changing the way companies operate. The hope is that automation — whether it’s in the form of robots, machine learning, or artificial intelligence (AI) — will make us all more productive in the not-so-distant future. However, getting to the point where automation enhances our working life is far from straightforward. Despite the […]

What are remote work best practices for businesses?

To help ensure remote work is a success across your organization, follow these best practices: 1. Maintain a company culture. Some employees choose an employer for its company culture. Whether your company is only recently remote or has always been, maintaining the culture that attracted employees to your organization in the first place can help keep […]

AI Is Key To Successful Automation Efforts—Here’s What That Looks Like

As AI and automation converge, it’s not unlike the birth of the PC or the internet—a moment in history that will reshape our world irreversibly. Our future relies on strong economic growth. It is the only way we can support our infrastructure, healthcare and social safety net. Its advancement has traditionally been driven by two […]