TEAMS AS A SERVICE, Microsoft staffing resources to fit your growing needs

Delivering outstanding talent to deliver outstanding solutions

No matter how complex the project, we can help place you with the right professional with the right skill-set for every Microsoft development job—from implementation to ongoing support and training.

The perfect candidate, with expert training

As a Microsoft Partner, having high-quality professionals in our corner means you have a talent pool of resources to provide exceptional services to your customers and grow your staff.

Managed IT Services







Our applications and solutions are built to integrate and function specifically for your team and users. From custom views and dashboards, to integration platforms that allow for easy management of your environment on the go – our solutions are built for your business. Future releases will let you ingest data from cloud applications and allow for easy download of updates from your Microsoft or AWS marketplace for ease of access.

Dedicated to the last releases and technology in the Microsoft ecosystem

As Microsoft Partners our consultants are laser-focused on specific Microsoft products, training and new releases. We are technical experts with unparalleled access to the latest releases, training and local talent. These candidates are high-quality contract and permanent professionals that recruiting agencies don’t have access to.

Our dedication to niche technologies gives us unique knowledge of the Microsoft and cloud market. From administrators and functional and technical consultants to pre-sales consultants and project managers, no matter what role you’re looking to fill, we’ll find the right professional for the job. We go further than any other agency to ensure you have the perfect expertly trained resource to carry out your mission.

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