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Simplify Your Workflow With Microsoft 365

Simplify With Microsoft 365

In the world today, technology is one of the most important elements of any business. Sometimes, people can be scared of the technological world, and therefore stray away from incorporating software like Microsoft 365 into their company. We’re here to tell you why it is so necessary.

Microsoft Office 365 offers so many applications to help you to take control and simplify your business. A lot of people who have Office 365 don’t take full advantage of the software because they aren’t using the right apps. Most times this happens because they aren’t familiar with how all the apps work. Capitol Presence offers training to get you comfortable with the apps to make sure you’re making the most of your tech.

Here are the most useful Microsoft 365 apps that can help you simplify your workflow.

  1. Teams

Teams is arguably the most useful application that Office 365 has to offer. It is a chat/messaging tool that is built for businesses and can be used for a variety of things. It’s more than simply a talk platform. several of the apps below may be incorporated into Teams so you’ll be able to keep track of communications together in one place. Every channel may also have its own OneNote, at the side of file storage. you’ll be able to connect non-Office 365 apps and bots, too.

  1. Sway

Sway is an online tool that helps build presentations. The main use is creating interactive presentations and it has a lot of already made templates that users can then alter on their own. A lot of different elements can be added to a Sway presentation. You can incorporate video, text, or animation. It connects with OneDrive and you can upload content from there or anywhere else the content is stored. 

  1. Planner

Planner is a simple project management app. Planner works around tasks, which might be sorted into buckets. Tasks will be directed to team members (or multiple team members), and tracked by date and position. It’s good for firms who don’t presently use a management software, however want to be able to better record and manage different assignments across employees.

  1. To Do

To Do is an effortless tracking app that is very similar to Wunderlist, still with a few differences here and there. In it, you can build to-do lists and organize the tasks how you want them. The app lets you write notes and adjust when things are due. 

  1. Flow

Flow is an appl that helps you modify straightforward, repetitive tasks between totally different programs. There are dozens of templates already created otherwise you will have to build your own Flow. You can use it to modify actions for yourself (like produce tasks in numerous to-do list apps from flagged emails in Outlook) or for your team (request manager approval for SharePoint items). 

  1. PowerApps

PowerApps is a service for making custom business apps. You must begin with a sample app, a template, or build your own app from scratch. You can use PowerApps to make apps for the internet or mobile or produce apps to implant into programs like SharePoint and Teams. a number of the templates you’ll begin with have budget trackers, worker engagement surveys, and time-off requests.

  1. Stream

Stream is a video platform—basically YouTube for your business. You are able to build multiple channels and limit access by teams if necessary. Users will engage with videos with likes and comments. Stream isn’t meant to host videos for external viewing, thus it’s best for corporations with a great need for internal videos, like coaching videos.

  1. Forms

Microsoft Forms is for building forms, polls, and quizzes. You are able to send forms to anyone within or outside your organization. You can also collect answers anonymously or with names connected, read answers in Forms or transfer leads to a stand out computer program.

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