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Roy Edwards

Remote Work Advocate
President & COO


I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 12 and quickly realized that I wanted more out of life than hospitals and sitting at a desk.

This passion of experiences led me to want to work from home, and an obsession with remote work. This obsession led to pushing myself (maybe it was FOMO?) to develop solutions and technologies that allowed myself to work from home, the baseball field, a Nationals game (Go Nats!) or Wherever. I was able to spend more time with my kids, wife and family.

I realized that other people wanted this too – go figure right? Then I started sharing my tips and tricks. How I was able to magically find time and streamline work through automation. So things not only got done more consistently and on time, but with less effort and stress.

People liked it so much the Military showed up. Seriously. (Hi Navy friends!)

I began training Federal agencies on how to be more productive, how to streamline work and how to work wherever (even a Hospital bed – been there, done that, hated it). Agencies liked it so much they gave me an award (iCARE Award for Integrity from the Office of Small Business Utilization of Veteran Affairs, I have it framed and everything).

This passion has grown into my career and purpose. To help people save money, get more done and free their lives from something more than a cubicle. Stop going to work. Serious, don’t go. You can be more productive, happier and never miss another birthday – all while increasing your bottom line. I’ll show you how, but only if you promise to use the powers for good.

If you prefer reading something that looks more like a resume, here is what that looks like:

Cloud executive and Microsoft SME & SharePoint Developer/Engineer working with Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer and .NET Framwork. Leads a team to design custom business solutions within the Microsoft O365, Azure, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint framework for Federal and Commercial clients. Roy is a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner and holds three AWS Accreditation and 4 Microsoft Azure certifications. As the Chief Operations Officer of Capitol Presence, Roy directs his development team to support the latest in GovCloud and GCC compliance surrounding both the private and public sectors – ensuring cloud adoption is following best practices and done in the most secure and productive manner.

Areas of Expertise
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft O365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud Computing
  • AWS Web Services
  • Web Application Development
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