Capitol Presence: Online Academy

Virtual and Classroom training for SharePoint and Cloud web application professionals and organizations.

Online and In-Classroom Trainings

Interactive SharePoint Training

Our SharePoint Training focuses on SharePoint fundamentals, Development, popular third-part applications and overview, directly relating them to real life use cases and organizations within the Private and Public sector. Our training includes Subject Matter Experts, as well as interactive environments (using access to Capitol Presence SharePoint environments) and small group activities.

Lecture Based Training

  • We keep lecture based training to a minimum to ensure maximum knowledge transfer, limiting the effects of “Death by PowerPoint”.

Environment Labs

  • Users will gain access to Capitol Presence SharePoint environment and be able to get hands on experience through interactive labs.

Group Activities

  • Attendees will be placed through group activities that model real life scenarios and organizational problems solved by SharePoint.

What is The Online Academy?

Capitol Presence video vault and webinar streams to help organizations and individuals gather a greater understanding of SharePoint and cloud technology. This full academy will be made available soon in a full on-line subscription site at

Visit the Capitol Presence Online Academy twitch channel for the live webinars, previously recorded episodes and links to the resources discussed in each episode.

Join our developer webinars and lunch and learns to learn how millions of customers are currently leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions as well as Microsoft SharePoint to build sophisticated and secure applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

What’s Included in in-classroom Trainings:

  • Breakfast and Lunch provided
  • Access to SharePoint training area/environment
  • Group Activities and Materials
  • Slides from training provided
  • SME’s and Course Trainers
We are always adding new courses and customizing our trainings plans. Please feel to reach out for additional training opportunities.

Courses Available




Introduction: A Head-scratcher

Back in 2012, Capitol Presence members, while working for the Federal Government, was put in charge of establishing an intranet – at the time there was no way to share information. Looking for a new challenge Roy accepted the task.

Chapter I: From frustration comes inspiration

Now in charge of the intranet for a 600 employee Super Office, Roy began looking for options and training on these options. With conferences and information mostly in areas banned from Federal travel – he took to online platforms for self-training.
With most of the content broad and difficult to follow, he began to create his own content – through lessons learned – and began teaching these to other Super Office’s and power users. The first SharePoint working groups and Lunch and Learns were born.

Orginal logo, used from 2012 – 2018

Chapter II: A Push Becomes a Company

With detail after detail (Federal equivalent of a ‘Temp’ job) tags in an organization without tech positions, Roy was encouraged by colleagues to take his skills to the private sector.

What was once fear, because passion, and soon 4 fellow risk takers followed him into the unknown to start what is now Capitol Presence.

Chapter III: An Idea is Sparked

The private sector brought on awards and multiple solutions and organizations served with praise. A trend became clear however, that many companies relied on contractors to do the technical work – and then were left with little understanding of the technology they had spent a lot of money on.

Chapter IV: Online Academy is Born

After multiple business meetings with potential clients who had little understanding of cloud applications and SharePoint, the spark became a clear need. The training of intranets and cloud technologies – for those members who weren’t developers but were instead admins, power users, entrepreneurs, or Federal Employees without a tech division.