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Your organizations total cloud solution.

What is Olympus?

Olympus cloud offers hundreds of Best Practice Checks, many of which can be automatically fixed upon detection. These checks are mapped to industry regulations, so organizations can be “scored” on their compliance with 35 standards including PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST 800-53, NIST SP 800-171, SOC2, and more.

Olympus Cloud, The total cloud solution.

Olympus monitors and maintains control of your cloud’s security and compliance posture with proactive monitoring, alerts, and reports, providing confidence that your cloud is stable, secure, and compliant.

Cloud Log Intelligence

Olympus provides automated log documentation, unified analytics, and proactive risk identification to help manage the security of your public cloud.

Security Best Practice Checks

Olympus provides hundreds of critical pre-built security best practice checks and alerts stemming from standards, regulations, vendor recommendations and our in-house experts.

Continuous Total Compliance

Olympus provides Total Compliance, with scoring for 35 regulatory standards and major compliance frameworks, plus the self-healing automation, without human intervention.

Track Users and Permissions

Olympus makes tracking IAM and permissions simple by automatically mapping and grouping all user accesses, centralizing control and across accounts.

Cloud Perimeter Assessment

Olympus dynamically scans the entire environment to identify all publicly accessible resources, open ports, and protocols.

Configuration and Changes

Olympus provides visibility into the state of your public cloud and alerts you about critical changes to configurations, resources, and security groups.

Wanna see Olympus in action?

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