Capitol Presence Consulting Group

Non-Profit Organizations Budget Friendly Mobility Flexibility

We work with non-profit organizations to deliver a package that works best for their needs. Custom designed solutions and packages that include monthly IT support, interactive websites to better tell your story, as well as donation options.

Non-profits work on a shoe string budget, and we understand that. We don’t want to be a business expense, we want to be a tool used to deliver your message and cause.

The nonprofit sector includes more than 2M orgs, nearly 13 million FTE’s, and contributes $900 billion to the US economy. Last year, Americans gave nearly $400 billion to charity. So how do you stand out in the vast nonprofit landscape?

Non-Profit Solutions

Non-Profit doesn’t have to mean your business and IT solutions have to suffer. We custom design our solutions to meet your NPO/Outreach needs by developing dynamic solutions that work for your Organization. Whether you’re a start up on a shoe string budget or a large operation, we’ve got you covered.

Budget Friendly

Provide consulting to businesses and NPO’s of all sizes and ensure that they have all the information necessary to make an educated decision based on their business needs. Each business is unique in their needs and requirements. At Capitol Presence all solutions are created to fit your budget – not the other way around.


Non-Profits help people from all over the country, and often this means traveling inside and outside of the country. Ever wish you could access your desktop while on a mission trip or outreach away from home base? Traveling just got that much easier! We develop cloud solutions that enable you to work from anywhere – whether that be your house, on a mission trip or pool side on vacation. Quality of life and outreach improves when your organization processes do as well.

Digital Marketing & Outreach

We've worked with some of the industry leaders, including Guide Star, to perfect our marketing and Digital outreach to ensure we bring you the best possible solution, so all you have to worry about it your mission statement.

• Website and Digital Business Optimization
• AB Testing
• Demand Generation (Increasing leads to final conversion point)
• User Behavior Strategies (Nurture tracks, event triggers, Dynamic page development)
• Customize Marketing Strategy based on Customer Business/Agency

Innovative. Integrated. Agile.

Taking control of your digital footprint. Our agile framework multi facet approach demonstrate ability to complete tasks associated with advertising services, Media Buying; Public Relations/Outreach; Conferences, Events, and Trade Show Planning; Promotional Materials; Video Film Production; and Graphic Design. Our approach would to tackling the areas of criticality within a business, non-profit, or Federal Agency.


Capitol Presence understands the need for nonprofits to make their presence known. Capitol Presence also understands there is no one-stop shop for nonprofit marketing/outreach. Every organization is different, and we create tailor-made strategies to help your nonprofit capture the interest and attention that leads to increased donations, fundraising, and/or conversions to your value proposition.
We believe nonprofits can and should approach marketing the same way as (if not better than) a for-profit. After all, marketing is attracting attention and building demand for what you’ve created, and that is just as applicable to .orgs as it is to .coms. At Capitol Presence, our team of experienced and skilled consultants pay attention, research, analyze, build, test, and communicate optimized marketing and outreach strategies to help you grow without losing site of your core mission.


Capitol Presence works with *GuideStar, to improve how funders and donors perceive your organization:

  • Share your story with millions:Get your information in front of the millions of donors and stakeholders who use GuideStar data to inform their giving and involvement with nonprofits.
  • Sync up with donor giving platforms:Get your organization’s data on AmazonSmile, Facebook, Network for Good, and many other platforms

*GuideStar: The world’s largest repository of nonprofit information. GuideStar has a profile for every nonprofit listed on their site and they encourage nonprofits to claim and update their profile with the most relevant information.

Strategic Research and Planning: Capitol Presence will work to bring stakeholders together to plan and act on achieving your organizational goals.

  • Agile Program Management (See Harmony below): Communication is quite possibly the biggest hold up in development. Our agile framework will make communication a priority, with sprint intervals aimed at milestone productivity and building towards the end goal.
  • User Persona Creation: Different people visit your site for different reasons.  We will create reliable and realistic representations of your key audience segments for reference.
    • Based on qualitative and quantitative user research and web analytics.

Website Assessment: Facilitates the optimization your organization’s digital infrastructure before beginning your outreach. This assessment is based on researching how site visitors use your site. This can be simple as making sure your landing pages are clear and concise with intuitively navigable conversion points, or as complex as a complete website redesign.

Small Budget

Doesn't Have to Mean Small Solutions.