Microsoft Office365 and Capitol Presence

Your Office, wherever

With Office 365, you can finally access your data from anywhere by using your smartphone. Microsoft is taking anywhere access a step farther by building Office apps for Apple and Android devices that extend Office 365.

Access from Anywhere

Office 365 lives in Microsoft’s data centers and is accessed over the Internet. For this reason, you have connectivity to your enterprise software by using your desktop computer in your office, your laptop, or your mobile phone. In addition, all you need is an Internet connection rather than a special connection to your corporate network.


The most exciting aspect of Office 365 for many organizations is the inclusion of SharePoint Online in the mix. SharePoint provides a self-serve portal environment that can be developed to solve real-world business problems. The main premise behind SharePoint development is that you do not have to be a programmer to develop solutions on the SharePoint platform.

Total Cloud Solutions

When you move to the cloud, you free up your IT resources to focus on working with your business users to solve problems that benefit the organization. Your business users receive the support they need, and the IT people receive the recognition they deserve.


Do more with Microsoft SharePoint spaces. Rediscover the possibilities of SharePoint and how it can modernize your work environment, increase collaboration, and streamline business processes.

Team Collaboration

Teamwork is how work gets done. Build high performers: work faster, iterate quicker, and accomplish more. Microsoft Teams is the collaboration tool that enables teamwork at all levels of your organization.