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Microsoft updates new features for PowerPoint Web, here’s what’s new

Microsoft has started rolling out a host of new features for the web version of PowerPoint. The new features are aimed at offering better user experience to Microsoft 365 users on the web. The update includes changes mostly into the PowerPoint for web Drawing tools. This includes new Undo/Redo, Ruler, laser pointer support in Slideshow mode, ability to draw straight line using mouse or stylus. Here’s everything that’s new with the Drawing tools on PowerPoint Web.

Microsoft PowerPoint for web: New features
As a part of the recent update, the company has reworked the entire Draw tab in PowerPoint for web with some new features. The first feature is the undo and redo for ink strokes. Earlier the feature was tucked within the Home tab. Then there’s a new digital ruler to help users draw straight lines into their presentations. Users can also use the built-in angular display to create accurate angles between lines.

Additionally, PowerPoint for web has also added a new laser pointer for slideshow. The new laser pointer in Slideshow mode lets you easily draw the attention of your audience to important sections in a given slide.

The new laser pointer also allows users to highlight something in the presentation for the time being as the ink disappears after a while.

Moving on, there’s a new shortcut that lets users draw straight lines without the newly added ruler. PowerPoint for web users can now press Shift and draw a straight line in the presentation.

The new features are now available to all PowerPoint web users across the globe.

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