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Is Your Organization COVID-19 Prepared?

The Spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has all of our attention. While Capitol Presence has taken its own precautions to keep their employees safe. We’d also like to make sure every company can do the same.

Steps to take to prepare your organization

  1. Have an emergency Telework Governance plan in place.
  2. Ensure documents of importance are saved online in a secure library for collaboration (Stop saving to your desktop!)
  3. Have important meetings online to maximize employee health (turn that camera on for greater benefit in virtual meetings!)
  4. Create necessary teams in MS Teams to increase collaboration throughout your organization
  5. Keep employees informedthrough SharePoint News and Yammer! channels

Don’t let unexpected circumstances hinder your ability to work.

With our “Work Wherever” motto we can help you develop a safe, secure, and efficient work environment that makes teamwork unstoppable!

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