Value beyond storage, powered by HPE

HPE Storage

Predictive flash storage smart enough to make 86% of problems disappear.

Servers as open as the cloud

Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers for the cloud are uniquely open source for a uniquely open hybrid infrastructure experience. So, enterprises, startups and every operation in between can improve workload flexibility and quickly tackle those growing lists of applications and services.

Deploy incrementally

Add cloud-native and migrate traditional services at your own pace. Our flexible, ready-to-run cloud solutions support incremental service development and deployment by integrating with existing infrastructure over open platforms, like VMWare.

Cloud Ready, When You’re Ready

Experience Hybrid IT. Easily move data between the public cloud and your data center with HPE Cloud Volumes.

Any workload… anywhere

Seamlessly move production, secondary, or any workload within the data center or to the cloud.

Built for the public cloud

Native cloud integration with AWS, Azure and cloud native APIs. Efficient, secure, and enterprise-grade.

Global visibility and automation

See and manage across clouds with AI for the data center. Simplify multi-cloud management, orchestration, and automation.

Value beyond storage

Guaranteed to store more data per terabyte of flash storage than other all-flash arrays. Designed for NVMe and Storage Class Memory (SCM), HPE Nimble Storage delivers industry-leading effective capacity efficiency as well as a future-proofed architecture.

Flash Here. Flash Everywhere.

Multicloud flash fabric creates an easy to use, single flash architecture across a multicloud environment. Deploy workloads flexibly on primary storage, secondary storage, and in the public cloud. Easily migrate and manage data between on-premises and off-premises locations.

Technical Jargan

Adaptive Flash Arrays
  • 11 TB – 1260 TB raw capacity
  • 7 TB – 1016 TB usable capacity
  • 34 TB – 5080 TB effective capacity `{`assumes 5:1 data reduction from compression`}`
  • 126 TB to 18,288 TB effective capacity `{`assumes 18:1 data reduction from deduplication and compression for backup and DR workloads`}`
  • All-Flash Arrays
  • 6 TB – 1106 TB raw capacity
  • 3 TB – 815 TB usable capacity
  • 14 TB – 4075 TB effective capacity `{`assumes 5:1 data reduction from deduplication and compression`}`


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