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Supporting the Government and War fighter

Government and Military need information quicker than ever to deliver on their mission. This means getting data from systems and in front of decision makers and automating administrative tasks to speed the process. 

Our team understands the headaches 

“We live in a work where we have powerful applications and systems, but none of them talk to one another.”
- Government Business Process Owner.

Enough of the Beltway Bandits

Government Contracting agencies have lived off of supporting the Government through areas outside of their expertise. They’ve responded to RFPs and Sources Sought on information and technology they simply don’t understand. 

These organizations rely on recruiting members to their organizations instead of building knowledge and expertise to deliver the best possible product for the end Government client.

Beltway bandit (n)a term for private companies located in or near Washington, D.C., whose major business is to provide consulting services to the federal government of the United States. The phrase was originally a mild insult, implying that the companies preyed like bandits on the generosity of the federal government

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The Anti-Beltway Bandit

CPTL has built it’s business through the intense understanding of DevOps philosophies and Agile Development lifecycles through Cloud Computing. We understand the cloud, IoT, EDGE, FOG, Artificial Intelligence and Business Process automation – not because we hired someone to write about it, but because our team has lived it. 

We were founded by Award Winning Software Engineers and Former Federal Employees who understand the needs of the Government, and the right technology to accomplish the mission.

We can’t do everything, because we focus on specific technologies and have mastered them.

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Where we come from

We were founded by former Federal employees who worked in Health and Human Services within the Operations, QMS, and Technical divisions. This means we know how the Government works and the areas that it needs the most assistance with. We have developed and deployed services and solutions for the Department of Justice, Veteran Affairs, Health and Human Services, and the Department of Defense and have fine-tuned our training to meet the needs of the Federal Government and Commercial organizations who abide by their regulations.

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