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Application Overload?

Is your organization in need of a technology overhaul, but don’t want to bring on another new technology platform or SaaS application? When your technology is in disarray, the chaos can impact your entire organization. We find, the more applications you have, the less productive you become. Maybe you know the feeling…

  • Is your team using multiple ways to communicate?
  • Are internal unmapped processes slowing you down?
  • Do you use more than 3 Software application (SaaS) platforms?
  • Are you in need of training and governance to help drive collaboration?

Wouldn't it be great to have your organization trained, governed and with GCC High Compliance?

We have helped multiple agencies eliminate unnecessary application costs while streamlining processes and communication. Our Champions Groups work to “Train the Trainer” so your workforce is effective after we are gone.

  • Champions Groups to “Train the Trainer”
  • Process capture of current and future process mapping
  • Consolidation and Application governance to ease communication
  • Application automation to streamline processes to securely modernize your agency

Where we come from

We were founded by former Federal employees who worked in Health and Human Services within the Operations, QMS, and Technical divisions. This means we know how the Government works and the areas that it needs the most assistance with. We have developed and deployed services and solutions for the Department of Justice, Veteran Affairs, Health and Human Services, and the Department of Defense and have fine-tuned our training to meet the needs of the Federal Government and Commercial organizations who abide by their regulations.

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