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CTO Is The New Salesperson

CTO Sales Person

Top 5 things your CTO can help your sales team with:

Think your CTO is just hacking code and fixing laptops all day? If that’s the case, you are in some need of business modernization and sales simplification. Every customer transaction starts and ends with your CTO’s infrastructure.

1. Prospect New Leads

Your sales team should NOT be prospecting new leads, as this is not a valuable use of their time. Instead, this can be almost entirely automated, which multiplies your sales team’s overall efficiency. For more information, see our email from yesterday about door-to-door salespeople.

2. Enhance Client Contacts

Nearly every company that uses a customer relationship management (CRM) platform has client contacts who are unengaged. We all have them, but the key is coming up with strategies that minimize this list.

Modern CRM’s have powerful automation tools that might be underutilized by the sales team. Whether it’s due to a skills gap or a technical limitation, a good CTO would be able to diagnose and fix this problem.


3. Connect Sales and Marketing

In some workplaces, there is a very wide gap between the sales and marketing teams. Sometimes literally.

This should never be a problem for CTOs to resolve, as they are well versed in organizational comms platforms like Microsoft Teams, and the Office 365 suite. Connectivity should not be an issue in 2020!

4. Customized Material

While rarely brought up, it should be noted that sales teams waste a lot of time prepping sales material. Powerpoints, webchats, emails. Every lead should have customized sales material.

Believe it or not, you can automate customization. That may seem impossible, however inserting images, phrases, text, and logos into sales material is something that can be very easily coded, saving your sales department time and money!


5. Customer Communications

There are endless books describing sales techniques that all center around what to say to a customer to win their business. However, there are very few books written about how  to say it to customers.

While your neice may enjoy texting, your grandparents may despise it. Your clients are no different. Your CTO can help put together a plan to bridge these communication gaps.

This is a lot for one CTO to accomplish so prioritize your needs, give it time, and reach out for help with any and all questions. Outsourcing some or all of your technical needs to agencies like Capitol Presence is also a good tool in your arsenal. It will save you money, time, and get you expert results from professionals.

Interested in learning more? That’s what we’re here for! Learn how we can help today.

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