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connecting remote teams, people, data, and processes

A platform with no limits

When other low-code app platforms stop, Microsoft & CPTL Power Apps keeps going.

Scale your apps

Develop at scale without sacrificing quality, security, or control—no matter how many apps you are building.

Manage data and strategy

Leverage enterprise-grade administrative and governance features with one centralized view of all apps.

Comprehensive management platform

Save time with a fully managed data platform to scale faster and minimize future maintenance.

We Understand Industry Roadblocks

When your data is in disarray, the chaos can impact your entire business. Maybe you know the feeling…

  • Is your team using multiple ways to communicate?
  • Are internal processes slowing you down?
  • Do you use more than 3 Software application (SaaS) platforms?
  • Are you worried about whether you’re meeting all government regulations?

“We live in a work where we have powerful applications and systems, but none of them talk to one another.”


Processes are external to systems and don’t guide or talk to your data and ERP

Data & Documents

Your Data lives in a cloud location but is separate from ERP and processes


Your ERP system is a stand-alone system which has it’s own requirements.

Let's Free Up Your Team To Get More Done.

Businesses of all sizes need custom software that is simple and easy to use, including web and mobile applications. But custom app development can require dedicated professionals, cost time and money, and not enable you to be agile in approach.

CPTL gives you the means to intuitively create custom business apps and quickly solve business problems.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

The path to unprecedented growth goes through a collaborative Microsoft cloud, connecting remote teams, people, data, and processes in new ways to embrace the possibilities enabled by modern technologies.


ROI Over Three Years


Reduction in app development costs


Line-of-business employee productivity improvement per week

Our Managed Services Packages


  • Daily check of alerts and actions needed to make sure your environment is safe and protected.
  • Monthly Consultation of environment and review of licenses business needs.
  • Keeps core security intact to avoid unwanted threats and cost.


  • Optimizes your Microsoft Investment
  • Keeps your environment healthy, compliant and secure by helping you through your everyday obstacles and threats.
  • Weekly review, management and prevention of threats, threat simulators & Zero Touch Deployment
  • Expands automation within your environment.   
  • 10 Hours of Dedicated Support


  • Daily review of running applications and workflows.
  • Daily check of alerts and actions needed to make sure your environment is safe and protected.
  • Introduces automation to your environment. Includes threat management, support, and once a month consultation.
  • Secure Score Monitoring & Review
  • Support ticketing system for application support.
  • 5 hours of Monthly Support