Born in the Cloud

Others merely adapted the cloud, we we're born in it - moulded by it.

Born in the Cloud Solutions

We pride ourselves in being ‘born in the cloud’, and have over 15 years experience in cloud computing and development. We have implemented, developed, migrated, and stood up cloud environments for non-profit organization, small businesses, and Government Agencies throughout the United States.

None of our development is done through overseas developers, and all Capitol Presence employees are not only located in the heart of the Internet (Northern Virginia), but both our solutions and employees were born in the cloud (we can call Northern Virginia The Cloud, right?).

Amazon Web Services

We are certified AWS partners and hold multiple AWS Certifications and Accreditation as a Standard level partner. We’ve deployed, migrated and supported AWS cloud solutions for some of the world’s largest companies and Federal Organizations.

Microsoft CSP

As the backbone of our company, we migrated, supported, and developed Microsoft Cloud solutions,and are a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider. Whether Azure, O365, or SharePoint solutions, our Microsoft SME team has seen and done it all.

VMware Cloud

Looking to migrate your on-premise data center to the cloud or looking for a multi-cloud or hybrid solution? Check and Check, we are VMware Partners and can easily spin up new VMs in a cloud environment, or create a Hybrid or Multi-cloud solution that will keep your business on the cutting edge.

Others merely adopted the Cloud; We were born in it, moulded by it

We were born in the cloud, developing applications in the cloud for over 15 years. We've partnered with industry leaders, obtained top certifications, and developed to help power Fortune 500 companies and Government Organizations.