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5 Ways Microsoft Teams Helps you Overcome Meeting Frustrations

1.Streamline 3rd Party Applications

Teams modernizes the meeting experience. Rather than using an external application to host meetings (Webex, GoToMeeting, UberConference), you can host both internal & external meetings in your O365 environment. Meetings come with a weblink, simplifying the way external attendees join, and eliminating the need for a 3rd party meeting application.

2.Recordings that include speech-to-text & text-to-speech transcription

When meetings are hosted in Microsoft Teams, attendees can start recording once the meeting starts.  After the meeting, the recording is automatically available in Microsoft Stream (and if the meeting was hosted in a channel, the recording will populate within the channel) with speech-to-text transcription & people detection. Attendees can watch the video from within the conversation timeline and read transcription notes populated in Stream.

3.Increased Participant Capacity & Option for Live Events

By default, GoToMeeting, Zoom and UberConference support 100 or less participants, with GoToMeeting only supporting 26. By default, Microsoft Teams supports 250. Teams also has the built-in feature of “live events”, allowing presenters to broadcast to their entire organization within their Teams environment.

4.Easily View the Agenda Before you Join

When you create a meeting in Microsoft Teams, you can easily add an agenda. Agendas can be created in the meeting prior to the start, allowing attendees to know the scope of the meeting before they join. Using @mentions, you can draw an attendee’s attention to specific areas of the agenda, giving them insight on where they’re needed.

5.Take Real-Time Action Items in your Environment

One of the top pain-points I hear from clients is their gap between meetings and action items. If meetings are meant to drive production, then naturally action items will come. To ensure efficiency, action items must be properly documented to provide transparency and accountability. Insert teams. Microsoft Teams has modernized meetings to allow you to assign tasks as action items pop-up. By using @mentions in meeting notes, your attendees will be able to refer to tasks after a meeting. By adopting Planner to action items, you can easily track tasks and view progress at a high-level view.

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Author: Halie Edwards

Source: Capitol Presence

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