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3 Ways To Avoiding Technology Overload

Technology Overload

Technology has been a great advancements over the past decades, allowing us to do many things once almost impossible. We can make phone calls from the store now. When we can’t remember the right brand of cereal, we can use our cell phones to look it up. We can instantly communicate with people on the other side of the country; we can seek out the latest trends or news; we can read on issues we care about. It has enabled us to use our household wireless internet connection on our laptop to send e-mails while we catch up on our favorite TV shows, to conference into a meeting while we drive, and to receive e-mails while listening to a presentation at a convention.

Unfortunately, though, too many people are overdosing on e-mails, Blackberries and online activities, causing real psychological disorders that are destroying their lives. What happened to the notion that all the gizmos, gadgets and services would free up people’s time and enable them to enjoy a four-day work week with twice as much productivity? Technology happened, that’s what.

1. Better Time Management

How are you managing to spend your time? Are you allowing incoming e-mail messages and chat messages to always show up on your screen? Have you tried only check your e-mail 2-3x per day? If you allow your incoming phone calls to go to voicemail, why can’t you turn off your office phone for certain hours of the day and let those calls go to voicemail? Manage your time on email, chat, and video conferences and priorities to not overload yourself. Make a schedule that is balance then make it on a habit to it.

2. Connect With Real People

Try to do more of actual meet-ups with the people you care about in your life. And when you need to utilize technology (during the pandemic), use video meetings. Make an effort to connect, using the internet to your side. Feels great to be connected to all these people you care about with one click or button away.

3. Disconnect Fully

Imagine taking a whole day without technology. What would you do? I know that a day without technology would be a very productive day for some people. You may just need your phone for certain aspects. Go on a hike, take a walk, or cook that taco or cheesecake recipe that has been hiding in your cabinet!

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