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3 Ways Microsoft Teams Is Being FERPA Compliant

FERPA Compliance

Lack of privacy and security has caused Zoom users to move to Microsoft Teams. Several schools had utilized Zoom to conduct online learning during the coronavirus pandemic. But with privacy concerns, many have decided to shift to Teams. Recently, Zoom had made a public statement to address their security and privacy concerns. Even with the statements, they still do not qualify for required compliance needs.

The primary reason reason school and other organizations are switching to Microsoft Teams is compliance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and ISO 27001.

FERPA stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). It is a set outline in place to help protect the personal information of students in school & their families. For the most part, it is mainly to educational institutions that receive certain kinds of funding from the U.S. Department of Education.

1 .Understand The Information FERPA Protects

A student’s file carries all information statistics which include document cards, grades, GPA, transcripts, immunization and, disciplinary records, own circle of relatives touch statistics, path schedules, bodily trying out results, attendance records, unique training records, mental opinions and more.

All student’s information will fall into one in all categories: personally-identifiable information or listing type information.

2. Confirm That Your Business Needs FERPA

FERPA applies to any school—elementary, secondary or post-secondary—that gets federal funding from applications administered and overseen by DOE. United States Department of Education.

In different words, online public and constitution colleges need to follow FERPA and few personal or parochial colleges are required to comply.

3. Helps You Understand What Rights FERPA Provides

FERPA provides eligible students and parents the right to request changes, review, and inspect in regards to education records. They also have the right to prohibit educational institutions from giving out that type of information.

Eligible students or parents have the right to obtain copies of their educational records. They also have the right not to be notified annually by the school of their FERPA rights.

Exercise their right to review records
Refuse disclosure of directory information
Consent to the disclosure of PII
File a complaint about FERPA violations
Exercise their right to correct information

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