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10 Reasons to Keep Your Website Simple

Simplify Your Website

Your web site is the digital window display of your business. If its style is lacking, customers can instantly decide to not do business with you. The reality is clear: simple websites are more effective. These are the 10 reasons to keep your website simple and clean.

  1. Simplicity Lasts

The digital world is always changing and trends come and go so quickly. When creating complex websites they can become outdated so soon after being launched. Busy designs can rapidly become a thing of the past but what doesn’t change is the timeless look of a simple design.

  1. Easier to Skim 

It’s not a shocker that visitors don’t read every word on a website. To make sure that people read the most important content, you need to go simple and only display the essential information. This will help you get the reader’s attention and help them focus on what really matters.

  1. Gives Off a More Genuine Feel

Simplicity can change the entire vibe of your website. By stripping away the excess content you’re also getting rid of the “salesy” nature. Basic content helps viewers feel more comfortable navigating the site without feeling the pressure to convert and buy something.

  1. Faster Loading Time

SEO and customer satisfaction are key factors when you’re building your page. Complicated pictures, features, and busy text are things that slow down the loading time of websites. Bare essentials will help your site load faster and create a better experience on the page.

  1. Increases Conversions

The reality of selling online is that everyone judges the book by the cover, whether it’s subconscious or not. People want to invest their money in businesses that they visually enjoy. An outdated website creates the image that the company doesn’t take digital very seriously. This can be a huge turn off for consumers, leading them to click off. 

  1. Easier to Adapt and Improve

Designing and building out a website certainly isn’t a piece of cake. Having a cluttered website can make it even more difficult. Organization is key when designing. You want to be able to go in and fix something quickly and easily if need be. 

  1. Less Costly

It’s not a complicated concept. When you have less content and information on your site, you take up less server space to run it. Simple designs and simple businesses are more compact and result in a cheaper bill for you.

  1. Looks Professional 

Consumers are more drawn to professional looking websites. A general rule of thumb to achieving professionalism is simplicity. Minimalism is easier to recognize and helps boost the credibility of your business. A consistent color scheme with to the point text can upgrade your site from amateur to expert.

  1. Puts Focus on the Content

You want to be able to stand out among the ads, pop-ups, and opposing tabs. A clean and simple style helps to spotlight the actual content being displayed and draws attention to the important stuff. 

  1. More Memorable

The typical customer consumes so much content a day, it’s hard for them to recall most of what they see. With only the essential content standing out, you can help out the viewer by creating a better chance of them remembering your message.

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