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Building End-to-End Automation, CRMs, & AI – before it was cool.

Step 1: Clarify Business Processes

Step 2: Implement Efficiency Boost

Step 3: Watch Your Business Scale

When you partner with CPTL,

You’ve seen processes scale businesses and wondered… what’s next for my business? Just understanding that processes scale doesn’t help your bottom line. It’s time to implement efficiency boosting in your business.

Government Solutions

Federal, State & Local & Education solutions

Award-Winning Government Solutions, trusted by the Department of Defense

Make My Business Scalable

Process Capture, Governance & SOPs

Capture your processes, systems and operations and get your business ready for scale.

Make My Business Efficient

Automation, AI, and Future-Proof solutions

Implement future-proofed Automation and Automation Integration to give your business a supercharge.

Book a Workshop To Help You Create a Clear Business that Scales.

Want to bring clarity to your business and build a business plan that scales? Learn the Go Work Wherever Framework from our team by attending one of our Go Work Wherever process workshops.

What Does Working With

The complexities of modern technology can be hard to navigate – but that’s where we step in. At CPTL, we understand the importance of building solutions that are tailored to those who use it, and easily integrate into the way you do business.


Working with CPTL is simple. We are humans, that build human-centric solutions.


Unlike other automation solutions you’ve tried, CPTL Guides won’t waste your time or our own. We are obsessed with getting fast results for clients.


After you work with our CPTL Guides, your team will get more done and work more efficiently, whenever and wherever.

What Does an

Look Like?

The most efficient businesses work for you, not against you.

Minimize the waste of your resources, time, and effort and maximize your output and productivity. Here’s how:

Processes equal Efficiency.

Inefficient processes are costing you precious time and money, and even result in lost opportunities. Document your processes, stop missing deadlines and stunting your growth.

Clear processes help scale businesses.

Customized Roadmap

Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the optimization process based on the specific needs of your organization.

Hands-Off Implementation

From CRM implementation to dashboard creation and automation, the CPTL team will help to identify inefficiencies, and work to develop efficient and innovative solutions.

Personalized and Scalable

Now that your business is a rocket ship, it’s time to build and scale. When customers realize that your product can solve their problem, they can the help they need, place an order, and you can deliver – wherever you are.

Our Methodologies are used by

Organizations around the Globe.

See how global enterprise organizations and the Federal Government have used and benefited from our award-winning methodologies and efficiency solutions.

Legacy Redesign for the California Army National Guard

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railway tracks, railway, railroad-3455169.jpg

Introducing Automation and Innovation at the FRA

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destroyer, marine, warship-800662.jpg

Improving Communication and Collaboration at NAVSEA

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us supreme court building, washington dc, government-2225765.jpg

Integrating Applications for the United States Courts

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Bringing Modern Design to the Department of Veterans Affairs

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doctor, medical, medicine-563428.jpg

Developing Automated and Secure Check-In During COVID-19

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