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Enabling organizations to work wherever.

Learn how you can be productive where ever you are

When technology gets overwhelming, business starts to slow, and friction begins to erode at your productivity...

Maybe you know the feeling...

  • You’re using too many communication tools, pings and dings are everywhere!
  • Internal processes are slowing you down.
  • You’re switching between 3 or more different software platforms.

..but something’s holding you back.

  • You’re worried about meeting all government regulations.
  • You don’t have the tech skills to switch to a simpler structure.
  • You’re worried about training employees on another platform.

Your digital business in one place. Working for you. Not against you.

By automating your business processes we typically save our clients 10-30 hours of a month in time and cut expenses by up to 30%!

Small Business

You used to run a super-flexible, ultra-efficient small business that got stuff done. But you had to grow, and so did your processes. Now government regulations are keeping you from running your business how YOU want to. It’s time to harness Capitol Presence’s power of simplification.

Built To Grow

Like lots of companies these days, you might be growing, making all the right moves for success. But do you have the technology services and automated processes in place that you’ll need as your business changes?

Remote Enterprise

Or maybe you’re a regulated enterprise and you want to make sure everything is orderly, documents are where they should be and the regulations you have to follow are built into your now suddenly remote business. We can set up systems keeping everything tidy while empowering your work wherever community!

Meet Capitol Presence!

Founded by Halie and Roy Edwards, former Federal Employees and Software Engineers – we understand technology and how to make it work best for you (oh and how to keep you compliant with Uncle Sam).

..psst. We’ve also won some awards while doing so, not to toot our own horn.

Our Methodologies

Process Capture & secure sharing

Every good process has to first have a starting point. Our goal is to get you moving faster, go to market quicker and save money while being more productive. We capture and create the processes you currently run and we eliminate the friction (aka we solve your pain).

Cut the "Hardware Cord" & Manage Your Business Subscriptions

We analyze your Microsoft environment and see what you are working on, how you work and the applications you use to get that work done. We want you to get the most out of your environment, and cut applications out you don’t need.

Training & Best Practices

We provide training and best practices that we have compiled over 20 years of cloud computing and Microsoft software. We provide our expertise from in and around the Federal Government and Private sectors to ensure you are running with the newest and best practices.

Eliminate Waste, Push Buttons & Save Money

Get rid of your multiple applications that all seem to have the same function! We help you automate business processes, consolidate your applications and eliminate software waste, saving you and your organization time & money.

How can we get started?

Here are three simple steps.


Book a call

Click this button to schedule a call with us. You can tell us all about your business and help us understand your priorities and needs.


Choose your package

Find the service package that is right for You . Our goal is to help your team get the most out of your life experiences and we do that by getting the most out of your cloud environment, no matter your business size.


Celebrate productivity!

Celebrate a business that is now working for you, not against you. Processes that move with ease, and an environment that is the envy of your competition.

You can trust us to do the job for you!

Capitol Presence is a Woman-Owned Small Business!

Based in Tysons Corner, VA Capitol Presence is an Agile Development and Solutions agency that specializes in customer-driven business solutions, born in the cloud. We focus on helping organizations communicate and work more effectively together, to complete their mission.