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Never outsourced, never compromised.

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You Are the Best at What you Do. But Are you The Most Efficient?

Your Team is the best of the best. You have a product and solution that people need. Now how to you maximize your team to help more people? 

We are here to deliver that efficiency, to eliminate unnecessary applications, integrate your data, and streamlining processes. 

Our business is ensuring your business meets the highest efficiency marks, enabling you deliver your peak performance.

  • Organize Your Business Process 
  • Capture and accelerate processes
  • Consolidation and Applications to minimize your IT
  • Automation to enrich your workforce, not replace it
  • Speed delivery times, saving your time, money and lives

Where we accelerate


We specialize in integrating disparate systems and applications, enabling efficient data flow, enhanced collaboration, and streamlined operations. Integrate seamless connectivity as we bring together the tools and technologies that drive your business forward, unlocking new levels of productivity and growth.

Business Process Automation

Revolutionize your operations by automating repetitive tasks, eliminating manual errors, and streamlining workflows. Experience increased productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced accuracy as we leverage advanced technologies to automate your critical processes, allowing your team to focus on what's important.

AI Strategy Development

Unlock valuable insights, drive innovation, and make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward. Embrace the power of AI and position your organization for success in the digital age and stay ahead of the competition.

Friendly and Fun work place

Use Case Identification

Analyze and prioritize impactful uses for emerging tech. We can help you optimize operations, improve efficiency, and achieve measurable results. Unlock your organization's potential and confidently transform digitally.

Data Analysis

Transform chaotic data into valuable insights. Overcome information overload and make informed decisions. Unlock new opportunities and gain a competitive edge.

Training and Education

"Empower your team with our top-notch training and education programs to lead in innovation. Invest in your workforce for future success. Let's take the first step today!"

We understand because we've been there

Understanding and Protecting Your Data is Hard Enough

Is your data and security important to you? Then why are you trusting organizations who outsource development and support to near shore and off shore developers?

Protecting your data, understanding your data, and accessing your data is what powers your organization and agency, don’t put yourself at risk.

Maybe you know these problems….

  • Is your team using multiple ways to communicate?
  • Are internal unmapped processes slowing you down?
  • Do you use more than 3 Software application (SaaS) platforms?
  • Are you in need of training and governance to help drive collaboration?
  • Are your developer teams overseas and difficult to get in touch with?
  • Are you experiencing slow response times for mission critical systems and tickets?

Intelligent Solutions for a modern Organization & Warfighter.

Integrating displaced workforces to secure cloud locations, and consolidating your information so you can take massive action.

oh, and winning awards for it.

What sets us apart

We were founded by former federal employees who worked in Health and Human Services within the operations, quality management systems, and technical divisions. This means we know how the government works and the areas that require the most assistance. Since our inception, we have developed and deployed services and solutions for the Department of Justice, Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, and the Department of Defense, helping modernize these organizations and supporting the warfighter. We have never outsourced to foreign countries and do not plan to.

We believe in the American developer and never compromise on our solutions – and neither should you.

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